Edibles and relishables, 'one man's meat' and poisons. 200g of answers to the question of food.

ANON. Cheap receipts and hints on cookery : collected for distribution among the Irish peasantry in 1847 ; CENSOR Don’t : a little book dealing frankly with mistakes & improprieties more or less common to all (extract) ; ÚLFHILDUR DAGSDÓTTIR Eating men : cannibalism and sex ; RICHARD DOUTHWAITE Life from the land ; STANLEY GREEN Eight passion proteins with care ; JEAN-PIERRE A. LÉGER Une ombellifère incertaine ; DEREK MAHON Economy everywhere : Beaudelaire on Belgian cuisine ; KARI MARSTEIN Smalahoved ; ED MILIANO Supper in Via Maghera ; CHRISTIAN MORGENSTERN Planet of the flies ; JOSÉ QUITÉRIO A Portuguese farewell to the cod ; FRITZ SENN Sambal makes the world go round ; images by DOMINIQUE HÉRAUD, PETER MAYBURY, ED MILIANO, and ALESSANDRA STRAFFI.

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all food matters

editor mari-aymone djeribi
collection element. (number 4)
format royal 8vo, 235x156mm
extent 96pp
illustrations line|drawings
binding sewn|paperback, French|flaps
print|process offset out|of|house
edition n|a
isbn 1-901776-30-1
price €8.50 stg£6















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