To the question of what technology or labour-saving devices to allow into one’s life, serious thought is essential : any new machine will cause some amount of skill or freedom to be lost.

Machines are advertised to save precious time ; are we not left worrying about wasted time and rushing to gain more ? What should we do with saved time ? Could it be that at least some of the time spent completing slow tasks is precious in itself ? As we unlearn to do by hand or with simple hand tools, should we not worry of our mounting dependency to the machines that do it for us ? Does life goes on when there is a power cut ?

This collection of written and visual pieces presents nine answers to the question of machines ; with a cooking recipe at the end.

PETER CARROLL Signal staff; REMCO DE FOUW Insomniac dreams; KEVIN DONAGHY Hand-woven; RICHARD DOUTHWAITE Where should we have stopped ?; JUDITH HOAD The machinery of language; ROS KAVANAGH Human machines; LAURA MAYS The problem of craft; JÜRGEN SIMPSON New technology/music/methods; DOMINIC STEVENS Drawing by hand; selected furthering; recipe : toast.






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what machines ?

machines can do virtually anything but the qestion is not what they can do but what they ought to do ERIC GILL

editor mari-aymone djeribi
collection element. (number 7)
format royal 8vo, 235x156 mm
extent 96pp
illustrations line|drawings b+w photographs
binding sewn|paperback
print|process offset out|of|house
edition n|a
isbn 1-901776-55-7
price €8.50 stg£6