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If you happen to lose some item in a public place you could direct your steps to the ‘lost property office’ (Ireland or the UK), the ‘found objects’ (Objets Trouvés, France), or else the ‘lost and found’ (perdidos e achados, Portugal).

We here are looking at the life of the object that does not end up in the relevant office and you could help by filling in this questionnaire.

If you wish to remain anonymous in the mermaidturbulenceendproduct please tick this box! ( ) If we have your details, however, you will be kept informed of the shape this will end up in (paper- and/or room-based installation, we think) and other rather interesting mermaidturbulence developments.

Please note that if you feel that words are not enough or simply that words are not your thing, a graphic response will of course be very adequate (send paper or tiffs 300dpi on CD to mermaid turbulence, annaghmaconway, cloone, leitrim, ireland.)


Is there anything that you have lost at any time in your life, the absence of which still causes some degree of pain when you remember about it ? The feeling of loss is still with you no matter how small the thing or long ago the loss.
please name* the object/explain as much as you wish
Is there anything that you have found at any time in your life and that has grown to be very precious to you ? It may be that it is no longer with you (lost, broken, etc.) but the feeling of gain, the joy of the find (lucky dip) is still with you when you remember about it.
please name* the object/explain as much as you wish
what did you eat for breakfast ?

postal address/email


if you want to be credited, please state what name, what occupation your entry should appear with.