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djeribi, plasticienne/visual artist(August 2013:this needs updating and reconfiguring)

djeribi, born Paris, 1967, emigrated Dublin, 1990 and on to Leitrim, 2000, has been running mermaid turbulence, a publishing project since 1993, her inclusive polymorphic practice also includes writing, visual arts (artistsbooks, objects, films, installations), food (sourdough bread, pâtisseries, edible art interventions) and farming (horticulture/goatkeeping).

[2010-11 ] artist in residence at Knockvicar organic garden, physical presence and interaction, building of an earth-oven.

[2012 ] a leitrim county council bursary : apprenticeship with painter Patrick Hall.


in progress

[one ] rural cinema project [ on the back boiler, actually ]

[two ] protest song : a collection [unsolicited public art, in progress]

silent protest against the commodification of foodstuffs, at Knockvicar community organic garden.

[three ] edible art interventions (for instance within group show Sacred (14november-2January2010) curated by Siobhán Garrigan at the Dock, Leitrim)

[four ] filmwork

mandarines [not quite 13 minutes]

no no no yes yes yes [to be shown 20 September 2013, hopefully]

[five] leftovers [broadly speaking, in progress ]

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